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Graduate in electronic engineering and interested in designing electronic boards and programming various of microcontrollers and web design.

For many years I have been a member of the research and development team of instrumentation instruments and medical equipment.

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September 1996 — September 1999

Diploma of Math. & Physics

Graduated from shohada high school

September 1999 — September 2000

Pre University ِDegree of Math. & Physics

Graduated from Shahid Rajai Pre University school

September 2001 — September 2003

Associate of Science in Electronic Engineering

Graduated from Lorestan University . Build Digital Frequency meter as final project.

September 2003 — September 2006

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

Graduated from Shiraz University . Research about nanoelectronic as final project.

September 2007 — September 2010

Master of Science in Nanomaterial Engineering

Graduated from Materials and Energy Research Center. Synthesis of magnetitle nanoparticles for use in ferrofluid as final project.


April 2004 - October 2006

Aysan Gity Gostar

Web designer, Network and Computer maintenance

  • Designing shopping websites by Joomla and JoomShopping on Linux server with CPanel web hosting control panel
  • Installing UPS, Hubs, Switches and Router for developing intranet networks
  • Installing and to experience working with Red Hat and Suse Linux as mail server

June 2010 — August 2017

Pars Jahd

Head of Research and Development-Electronic Department

ART protocol implementation on the microcontroller by C ++ language Design and construction of following instruments:
  • Industrial 4 - 20 mA indicator (Field Indicator)
  • Pressure gauge calibrator
  • Level transmitter calibrator
  • Remote seal filling bench with Siemens PLC S7 313
  • Flow recorder controller
  • 3 Channel pressure recorder controller
  • Current to pressure converter (I/P) calibrator
  • Digital power supply by AVR microcontroller With adjustable voltage and current outputo
  • 12 Channel Industrial recorder
Proficiency in working with industrial equipment such as:
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Tracking Generator
  • Soldering and Disordering Station
  • LRC Meter
  • 6.5 Digit Multimeter
Achieving and studying standards such as:
  • ATEx
  • NIMA
  • IP
  • SIL
  • NIST
  • CE
Reverse engineering instrumentation electronic circuits such as:
  • Positioner
  • Field Indicator
  • Pressure transmitter
Installation, setup and knowledge about concept of industrial network such as:
  • HART
  • Profibus
  • Foundation Fieldbus
Serial communication protocols such as USB,
  • JTAG
  • SPI
  • I2C
Designing and construction of electronic circuit board of Instrumentation Instruments by AVR microcontroller:
  • Alphanumerical LCD
  • Graphical LCD
  • ADC (12,16,24 Bit)
  • DAC (8, 16 Bit)
  • 7Segment Driver
  • Stepper Motor Driver
  • Real Time Clock,
  • Optoisolator
  • Relay
  • PWM
  • Boot Loader
  • MMC/SD Card
  • USB driver
Designing electronic circuit based on intrinsically safe standard

August 2017— Present

Ehya Draman Pishrafte

Research & Development Expert (R&D)

  • ventilator product maintenance (electronic, pneumatic and mechanical parts)
  • Embedded programming ARM 9 (AT91RM9200), Cortex M3(LPC176x) in IAR IDE and debug
  • Embedded programming ST Microcontrollers (407, 429) and Discovery Boards with SSTM32CubeMX and keil
  • Embedded programming with graphical libraries (LittlevGL, TouchGFX)
  • Embedded programming in RTOS such as: embOS, FreeRTOS
  • Implementing Digital PI Controller for controlling proportional Valves in pneumatic system
  • Design and construction of various testers for production line (Manifold, Sensorboard, Ventilation Module and Proportional Valve)
  • Achieving CE standard


Embedded Programming

  • Coding AVR microcontroller by Codevision and Atmel studio IDE
  • Coding ARM microcontroller in IAR and Keil IDE
  • Computer program coding based on object-oriented programming with C + + by visual studio IED and Rational Rose
  • Ability of programming with Matlab, C++, C# and Assembly languages


  • Programming, synthesizing, simulating, implementation of the Xilinix FPGA program with Verilog language
  • Programming, synthesizing, simulating, implementation of the Xilinix FPGA program with Verilog language


  • knowledge about standard such as:
  • ATEX Standard: IEC 60079-0 ,IEC 60079-1, IEC 60079-11, IEC 60079-25, IEC 79-3
  • EMC IEC61326-1
  • IP Standard: IEC60529, ISO
  • NEMA, SIL, NIST standards
  • safety requirements for electrical equipment (IEC 61010-2-030)

Web Design

  • Designing static and dynamic website with and without content management system (CMS)
  • Ability of programming with PHP, HTML, CSS languages

Electronic Engineering

  • Reverse engineering electronic circuits and devices
  • Professional on designing multilayer analog and digital electronic board by Altium DXP
  • Strong knowledge about signal integrity issues such as:
  • Reflation, termination, Controlled impedance , EMI, Crosstalk, Differential traces, Power distribution, High frequency Losses lines, Short Wavelengths, Control trace temperatures
  • Soldering and assembling surface mount device (SMD)
  • Designing switching Power Supply

Instrumentation Instruments

  • Setup and have knowledge about concept of instrumentation equipment such as:
  • Pressure transmitter, Temperature transmitter, Recorder, Level Switch, Level Transmitter
  • knowledge about Industrial Network such as:
  • Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, HART and DCS
  • Experience of working with Siemens PLC logo, S7 300/400 series


  • Setup and have knowledge about pneumatic instrument and systems

Computer knowledge

  • Setup and maintenance of computer networks (Network+)
  • Maintenance of personal computers and servers (A+)

Analysis of materials

  • Material analysis with SEM,TEM,BET, XRD ,VSM

  • C++ for Programming ARM, AVR, ST Microcontroller
  • Altium DXP
  • FPGA
  • Design Electronic Board according to EMC standard
  • 70%
    Free RTOS and embos RTOS
  • 80%
    Littlevgl and TouchGFX
  • 75%
  • 85%
    PID Controller



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